NEW YEAR – Jim’s Jottings

A New Year which brings New Hopes. There are many, many things within the Society’s “Area of Benefits” that I hope 2017 will bring about and I can become quite excited about what 2017 will, in fact, produce.

First and foremost I am excited about Colwyn Bay having a modern and inspirational new Civic Centre. As I write the site , close to Queens gardens, is well on the way to being cleared. When up and running this impressive new Civic Centre will add a great deal to Colwyn Bay’s regeneration.

My second fervent hope is that a project will be implemented in 2017 to do something with the pier. Demolition alone, I know, will be expensive and the creation of something sensible in it’s place will also be very costly. But anything will be preferable in replacing this present abysmal and dangerous eyesore.

My third hope is that the works now progressing well along the sea front from the pier to the Cayley embankment will be completed on time. It will all add greatly to the appeal of our long and attractive promenade. The suggestion about putting “COLWYN ” in huge letters somewhere on the completed new stretch has been met with many ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ – mostly ‘cons’, but I say – if it is European money that will put it there – then let’s do it.

To end these notes I hope something can be done with the dilapidated restaurant buildings on Rhos Point, and reopen the boarded-up shelter. I also hope to see the completion and occupation at the works where previously Rothstay Hotel stood and Aberhod used to be. Finally, I would like to see the two new , huge assets in town – Porth Eirias and Eirias Park run at a profit and not be such a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds to our pleasant town – HERE’S HOPING!!

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