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2021 Colwyn Bay Civic Society Journal

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Oct 2020 Colwyn Bay Civic Society Journal

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JANUARY 2019 – A Note from our Secretary

First of all – A Happy New Year to all who read these notes. May 2019 be kind to all concerned .

The New Civic Centre .

November 14th 2018 was the ’moving in ‘ day and I hope all those involved are more than happy with their new place of work with adequate parking below ground. The public in general have , I’m sure, mixed feelings about this building – it is like ‘Marmite’, you either love it or hate it . I sincerely hope the majority of people find the place aesthetically acceptable – as the council tax payers will be paying for it’s upkeep for many years to come.

The State of the Roads in Rhos on Sea and Colwyn Bay.

It is not that our roads are full of potholes, but that surfaces of our roads are really bad. Fine examples of what is causing my concern are Ebberston Road West, St. Georges Road and the Cayley Promenade. Also along many roads you will find that man-hole covers are set well below that of the road itself. Quite a number of good examples of this can be found on Marine Drive, Rhos on Sea.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer in his November 2018 Budget Speech offered many £ Millions to local authorities whose roads were in dyer need of improvement . I strongly recommend that the Conwy County Borough Council applies as quickly as possible for some of this cash.

The common courtesy of a reply to ones letters seems to me to be a thing of the past. I have written recently several letters to big names and big authorities without having been granted the courtesy of a reply. Perhaps technology has taken over this old fashioned form of communication and emails are now the ‘in-thing’

The bold new letters “ COLWYN “ were due to be placed on our attractive promenade during November of last year somewhere close to the new Kiosk. I was told production had been delayed and, all being well. these interesting letters. twelve feet high ,will be in place during January 2019. Again , perhaps as with the ‘Marmite’ feeling – loved or loathed .

The Civic Society continues to prosper !

Because of this, I am sure special thanks should go to Jane Boulton who, with such grace and patience, deals with the numbers of members involved with each monthly meeting, and of course there are many other times when she is obliged to contact over 160 or so members.

Many thanks also to Tom Wyatt who works hard finding interesting speakers for us each month , and finds time to organise our ‘ day out ‘ every July. We have a keen and very active team of officials, not least our Chairman who manages us all and represents us so well either in person or by post or on the website.

The main objectives of the Society er- “ to monitor the development of features of interest in the built and natural environment, including those of historical interest ”

If that appeals to you, and you are not a member, then come along and join us. You will me most welcome .

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