Reflections from our Secretary July 2016

Parking on the ‘Prom’ – was the decision really necessary ?

Ever since the creation of cheap overseas holidays, making them affordable to the ‘man in the street’ and his family, and the cutting in half of the town by the A55, Colwyn Bay has been fighting hard to re-invent itself.

In recent years the many facilities in Eirias Park attracting famous pop stars, Porth Eirias with it’s sailing and Bistro endeavours, and the magnificent new beach, have done so much to help our pleasant town.

But, the ‘Weekly News’ of 22nd June 2016 told us that “Councillors agree to start charging for prom parking” , with the lead member for Highways claiming that “…if parking charges were not introduced savings would have to be made elsewhere.”

My immediate reaction to this news is :- ‘so the motorist is to put extra money into Conwy County Council’s coffers’. It would be interesting to know which of our County Councillors voted for this and which wards they represent.

In my view it is detrimental to Colwyn Bay’s tourist trade and I expect the businesses in Colwyn Bay who have struggled so hard against reduced ’foot fall’ will be angry at this decision. I can see this also as being ‘the thin edge of the wedge’ In time, as the rest of the promenade is improved, so slowly the entire length will have parking charges introduced from Old Colwyn to Rhos-on-Sea.

I am excited by the project to put a new impressive Council Office building close to Queens Gardens – another project bringing life back into Colwyn Bay, – but charging to park on our pleasant promenade is a step in the wrong direction.

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