Chairman’s Report 2016 -2017

Colwyn Bay has seen much activity in the improvement of it’s environment during the past twelve months. The most obvious is the work on the second phase of the regeneration of the promenade from the Pier to Marine Road. Despite the inconvenience to traffic which it has caused, now it is approaching completion, there is no doubt the result will be an excellent addition to the previous phase one promenade and beach opened last year and  enjoyed during the summer.
Another massive project has been the property insulation and improvement work, almost completed, in the eastern area of Colwyn Bay. What was recently a run-down, dejected and tired area of Victorian and Edwardian, largely terraced , well built  houses, many neglected during the years, is now coming back to life. It is  looking very much more attractive and the properties will be more pleasant in which to live.
During these years of excellent  regeneration  the Society’s Executive Committee have maintained an active watching brief on these and many lesser developments. We have given positive criticism to the authorities – and praise to the officers  where  deserved.. The latter have given good service and worked hard in the interests of the town.
Whilst all committee members have given time to the work involved, I must pick out our Secretary, Jim Lowe for keeping us “on the ball” at all times. Without his efforts and interest in all these activities, certainly not as much would have been done. Thank you Jim.
This work is, of course, an essential element of any Civic society’s activities and local authorities are appreciative of our active interest in the town’s environment.
But also , it is necessary to have a strong and interested membership to give support. We certainly have that ,  and our membership and meeting attendance numbers are continuing to increase, year on year.  As I have noted in previous reports, there are one or two factors producing this result :    An excellent venue, good food , friendly atmosphere, and , importantly, varied,  interesting and informative speakers .
With this in mind, I must thank the Cricket Club  and  Martin and his staff for the excellent service they have given us . Our speaker- secretaries , Bob and Tom for searching out such talented speakers.  The work done by Jane  (and her husband}, much visible to us, but even more behind the scenes , in dealing with meeting notices and payments, which is an essential and much  appreciated [i]service.
All the executive committee members must be thanked for supporting me and working so smoothly in the interest of the Society. We meet regularly and, whilst there is always much work to do, a friendly and constructive atmosphere prevails, our collective sense of humour often in the fore, helping business progress.
A new Civic Society  year is upon  us, let us look forward, with confidence, to a beautiful Colwyn Bay rising to a higher plane, after so much regeneration work is completed.

Donald Saunders   Chairman

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