What’s On !

I was invited recently to join my sister and her grand-children, who were visiting her from London during half-term. They planned to go to the Harlequin Theatre, just off the promenade , in Rhos-on-Sea. This a charming and unique little theatre which dates back to the 1950’s. It is a classic example of a “one-man band”. The owner ‘Mr Bimbamboozle’ mans the ticket office, puts on an excellent puppet show, then a separate marionette show, does half an hour as a magician in which children in the audience are encouraged to take part, sells you an ice-cream in the interval and, after all this, he is happy to talk to his audience in the foyer and thank them for coming. Should any visitors with young children wanting to give them a happy and entertaining afternoon – and enjoy it themselves, this is the place to go.

This leads me to ponder what else Colwyn Bay and it’s environs can offer both visitors and residents alike – the list is quite substantial : Colwyn Bay now offers a really good, clean beach – even at high tide it is not covered. There is free transport to the Zoo which is very well run, progressive and recognized for it’s high standards of animal welfare. We have the charming, refurbished little Theatre and Cinema which boasts a new state-of-the-art digital projector.

Outdoors, whatever the season, the Bryn and the Pwllycrochan Woods, both nature reserves, offer interesting walks and spectacular views. Eirias Park’s attractions have increased significantly in recent years – indoor swimming, tennis, a skate-boarding area, a new Arena which hosts many sporting events and a National Rugby centre. Music concerts are frequently held there , and in the grounds of the Civic centre can be found a pleasant pool where the Colwyn Bay Model Boat Club sail and hold events.

We have bowling greens, golf clubs, cricket club with visiting National teams and many exciting and well-run children’s play areas. Finally, of course, we have the new Watersports facility, Porth Eirias . As I write , this is not yet fully functional, but the potential is enormous and, in time, will prove a big attraction for all types of visitors to North Wales.

Elation and Disappointment.

I was heartened, yet disappointed by a report in the Weekly News of 30th May 2013. This told me that almost £600,000 had been awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the restoration of Colwyn Bay’s Victoria Pier – thus my elation . From the same report my disappointment was created by the previous pier owner, Mr Hunt, insisting on proceeding to the High Court yet again in an attempt to have him declared the legal owner.

In my excitement at reading of this substantial award I was naive enough to envisage seeing workmen within a few weeks working on the pier, making it look less of an eye-sore. However, I am told that the majority of the money will go to architects, surveyors, business consultants and other professional people who will produce the necessary details and plans to allow the Conwy Council to submit a further application for another £5 million of funds which could help create a new, attractive and sustainable pier.

However, it appears that Mr Hunt is pinning his hopes on a minor legal technicality which, if found to be pertinent, would suggest him to be the owner of the pier after all. Something to do , perhaps, with there being some sort of residence or living accommodation on the pier which has been overlooked during previous judgments.

In the meantime, if Mr Hunt is so keen to be declared the legal owner, it would be interesting to know what his plan of action would be to attempt to make the pier less dismal, forlorn and depressing to look at. He claims he would negotiate a ‘deal’ with Conwy Council that would bring a happy resolution . This suggests he considers there is no way in which he could tackle the piers problems on his own. At present the pier is such a sharp contrast to the new facilities a few hundred yards away at Porth Eirias.

In concluding these notes I can only reiterate what I said in my January 2013 Newsletter – I wish the pier and all those who attempt to determine it’s future as much progress as possible in 2013.

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