Conwy Council have now announced further regeneration proposals for Colwyn Bay including the selective demolition of property and redevelopment. As part of a wider package of initiatives a centre of excellence is proposed for Eirias Park with sport, leisure and cultural facilities being developed The Civic Centre staff would be relocated to Colwyn Bay and the existing Civic Centre building converted into a luxury hotel. To facilitate this a purpose built civic office will accommodate staff in a new land mark building on the site of the Market Hall. It is also proposed to move staff from other out lying offices into this new building. It is reasoned that the relocation program will help bring new economic activity into central Colwyn Bay and in so doing help pump prime further private investment. We broadly welcome initiatives such as this but feel a number of issues arise such as the impact of increased vehicular traffic and increased parking requirements.


The repaving and renewal of street furniture in Station, and Bay View Roads is now complete and overall the Society considers the streetscape much improved. We feel some issues remain and have conveyed our views to the council planning officer. At the time of writing a response is still awaited. The issues we raised are.


We consider the bi weekly market should be permanently relocated to Bay View Road. This would allow continuous access to permitted vehicles, including disabled access to the post office. We also believe the new streetscape will be better preserved by this move.


Two new taxi bays been have provided in Station Road which we consider are not only unwarranted but are disfiguring and detrimental to the tone of the road.

We also communicated our suggestions to local councillors and officers as to how central Colwyn Bay might benefit from redevelopment. It is pleasing to report that our proposals received extensive coverage in the Colwyn Pioneer. We were also invited by the council to attend a regeneration presentation on what is proposed for Colwyn Bay.


Much coverage has been given in the local press to a council proposal to manage the special grass varieties by allowing controlled grazing on the Bryn. There are cost considerations since the council claim mowing the grass is expensive. This proposal has provoked vociferous opposition by dog owners and others on the grounds that their recreational use of the site will be compromised. Our view is that the Bryn is large enough to accommodate all users needs subject perhaps to some restrictions. The Bryn is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the protection of the flora and fauna must be paramount. We understand a council review is underway and will be made public in due course.


In the last news letter we reported on opposition to the clock chiming and voiced our opposition to any move to silence the chimes. The issue now appears resolved in favour of the status quo.


Travel Lodge have submitted amended plans to demolish the cottages and build a 54 bedroom hotel. Unlike the previous application there is no proposal to include a shop unit. We have yet to see the amended plans and thus reserve comment at this stage.

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