Welcome to the first on line edition of our newsletter aimed at keeping you up to date with Society news. As you can see we have a new website and hopefully you find it interesting. It would be useful to know how many members are on line and perhaps you could email us on “the contact us facility” and give your name and email address and any feed back. Our intention is to publish a web site newsletter every 3 months.  These are some of the recent issues that are of concern to the Society

Rhos on Sea Boat Yard

The Conwy County Council served notice to quit on the Rhos on Sea sailing club boat yard on expiry of the lease. This land and the adjacent park were originally gifted to the council for community benefit but on expiration of the lease the intention was to develop the site including the adjacent park for flats and apartments. The Society opposed the plan and gave support to a petition which has succeeded in a reversal of policy. The club and its facilities are an asset to Rhos on Sea and have now won a new 21 year lease. The park is now safe from development assuring the clubs future and allowing it to carry out improvements to the boat yard.

Rhos on Sea Golf Club House

The club applied for planning permission to improve the club house facilities and as planning consultees we gave our support to the application. We take the view that the club and course are an attraction for locals and visitors and therefore should be supported. Planning permission has now been granted.

Parking On Princess Drive

We have requested the Conwy Council Highways Department to review the parking arrangements along Princes Drive. At peak times parked cars impede the traffic flow causing congestion from the Lidl Traffic lights to the Pay and Display car park. The Highways Department acknowledges the problem and to improve traffic flow are to restrict parking.

Parking on Station Road and Post Office

We have requested the Council to review the parking restrictions on Station Road which discriminate against disabled drivers needing access to the post office and other shops. Parking for the disabled is restricted to before 10-00am and after 5-00pm. We have argued with the Council for more favourable hours since 2005 and after a long campaign amended times of up to 11-00am and after 4-00 pm are to be introduced.

Relocation Of The Spar Store Post Office

We have also expressed our view that the Station Road post Office should be relocated back to the old post office building on Princes Drive. Not only would a land mark building be re-utilised but it would much improve the facilities for users particularly the disabled.

Demolition of Buildings for Redevelopment in Conservation Areas

The Society views with concern the proposed demolition of 2 properties in the Pwllycrochan Avenue area. There has already been much demolition within the conservation area and despite opposition such policies continue.

Further buildings on Merton Place, Pwllycrochan Avenue,and The Oaks on Lansdown Road are under threat of demolition and the Society feels disquiet at their potential loss. These buildings collectively and individually are part of the unique character of the area and we oppose this process on a case by case basis. We do not oppose the sensitive conversion of existing buildings indeed there are examples of conversions doing just that. Where demolition is inevitable we hope to see sensitive redevelopment.

Wind Farms

There has been much debate and opposition to the massive Gwynt y Mor off shore wind farm. The turbines that can be seen off shore represent are only a fraction of what is still to come and the government have declared their intention of build up to 7000 around the coast. The Society supports the drive for more sustainable energy sources and wind power like it or not is going to be part of the mix. We therefore take the view that wind turbines are less obtrusive out to sea than on land spoiling the natural beauty of Wales.


The Conwy Council have established a regeneration unit known as The Bay Life Initiative. It aims to start a regeneration program for central Colwyn Bay by seeking funding from the National Assembly.

Funds have already been given by the National Assembly to undertake an initial review and a Development Plan has been published. The Society makes input into the review process and we have represented our views to the working groups. As a result of the initial work funding has obtained to improve the street scape in Station Road and Seaview Road. At the time of writing this work is ongoing. One scheme which the Society is very much in favour of is the plan to improve access to the promenade from the town and also the scheme to regenerate the promenade itself. This could be a flagship project for regeneration because it incorporates the proposed sea defence works which also give the opportunity to develop marine based leisure amenities.

Regeneration is an ongoing long term process of great importance to the future of Colwyn Bay and we welcome ideas and views from the public.

Awards Scheme

The scheme is now open to nominations and we particularly welcome nominations from the public. Please visit the web page for further details.

We welcome and encourage constructive comments and views from the public on these any other issues. Please contact us if you have views you’d like to share.

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