Jimmy’s Jottings – January 2014

Waterfront improvements – the next phase.

These are due to start early this month and will concentrate on the stretch of promenade from the new Porth Eirias water-sport centre to the (ever crumbling)Victoria pier. The plans were put on show in October 2013 for all to see and comment on. It is planned to create attractive new curved sections, about four in number, terraced, with extra ramps down to the beach for the disabled and a new slipway near the pier. Thousands more tons of sand will be placed between the pier and the start of the Cayley embankment.

Much thought has gone into attempting to improve the appearance of the weary railway bridge by the pier, taking pedestrians from the sea – front to the town centre.If what is planned for this bridge – the planners call it ‘the tunnel’- turns out to be as fresh, lively and interesting as the drawings, then this will really improve the vital link between sea and shops. With new, modern, lighting, an assortment of coloured paving and surfaces, new seating and slightly raised walling the completed project will be appealing in many different ways.

To those from the Civic Society who visited the exhibition of the plans of ‘phase 2’ there were two important omissions.Firstly, no new or replaced kiosks planned and secondly no provision for shelters. The Society appreciates the fact that a variety of refreshments will be available from Porth Eirias by this spring, but a kiosk nearer the pier would provide snacks and drinks of all descriptions along with a multitude of items to be taken on the beach.

Regarding shelters – It is a long way for the elderly and mothers with push chairs and young children from Porth Eirias to the Cayley embankment without a shelter. If the weather changes from sun to rain there would be nowhere to shelter, other than ‘ the tunnel’.

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