Chairman’s Report 2013

It was only when a house insurance reminder arrived that I realised that another year had passed since I last wrote an annual report for the Society, and I must look back again at another year of activity here, in Colwyn Bay. My initial thoughts were that the Society’s year had been, to me, a very interesting and enjoyable period where I could see an increasing number of members coming to our meetings and, apparently, also finding them interesting.

Our team of speaker-organisers – Tom Wyatt and Bob Owen – have been responsible for providing us with excellent speakers , covering a multitude of fascinating subjects. Who would think that a subject entitled ‘The Hand’ could be as enthralling as it was?- and so many others by such talented speakers. Several local subjects were covered , such as ‘The Townscape Heritage Initiative’ and ‘The New Colwyn Bay Waterfront’ keeping members informed of progress in our town.

The ambience and food provided by the Cricket Club and Martin and staff was an element which must not be underestimated.The standard of meals provided have been consistently good, along with staff friendliness. Outside the regular member’s meetings, the Executive Committee have been busy overlooking the town’s planning matters, being represented on such bodies as the Rhos Environmental Action Group, Pwllycrochan Woods Local Nature Reserve and Bryn Euryn Nature Reserve Committees. Letters have been written expressing the Civic Society’s views to the Council Chief Executive regarding, for instance, Conwy’s Replacement Window policy,and Mr Winston Roddick- Police and Crime Commissioner, also the Madoc International Research Association , amongst others . Your representatives have attended meetings with David Jones MP and Rob Dix ,personally, and at a Conwy Vibrant and Viable Places Consultation, considering the future development of this area, and also Multicultural events in the town. Early in the year, before opening to the public, members were invited to see the new Porth Eirias Watersport centre, escorted by the chief engineer. The environmentally friendly construction of the building was explained to some of us, materials used which would sustain themselves with minimal attention. Also the advanced heating and lighting , the latter mainly provided by it’s own wind power. The plant layout outside was chosen to withstand the marine climate and require minimum attention. Much thought was put into it.

There has been criticism of the building’s appearance, but if time is given to go , examine the detail of construction and enjoy the views from the roof area, and go see the superb changing room/ shower and watersport facilities, a more liberal view may be given. When the Cafe/Bistro inside is developed as planned, (which is slow in coming) we hope it will prove to be a good addition to the excellent new beach now enjoyed by so many people.This Spring should see many young people enjoying all the activities provided. The sports and entertainment activities at Parc Eirias have also proved successful this year and auger well for the future.

The town businesses need support now with rates and parking facilities etc, to make it a more thriving community. We have a beautiful town and this Society must do all it can to help improve all sections of life here.Civic Pride must be be prevalent!

Thank you, everyone, for continuing to give your support to myself and the Society, and special thanks to all those officials who have worked for it so willingly, our Secretary particularly.

We look forward to another successful year in 2014.

Donald Saunders, Chairman.

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